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Re: [RELEASE] conan (C/C++ dependency manager) support

On Tuesday, 2 October 2018 16:14:17 CEST Samuel Marks wrote:
> Updated homepage.
> Since you don't want to maintain, I've uploaded to bintray under my name:
> https://bintray.com/samuelmarks/cmocka/cmocka%3Asamuelmarks
> Should simplify the setup for those using CMake to work with cmocka =)

Is that FindCMocka.cmake really needed? I generate a config for cmake which 
supports in-tree builds. See cmocka-build-tree-settings.cmake.in in the source 
code. If you build cmake, it will use that file in cmocka-config.cmake if it 
is an in-tree build, you just need to tell your cmake where to look!


Andreas Schneider                 asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
GPG-ID:     8DFF53E18F2ABC8D8F3C92237EE0FC4DCC014E3D

Re: [RELEASE] conan (C/C++ dependency manager) supportSamuel Marks <samuelmarks@xxxxxxxxx>
[RELEASE] conan (C/C++ dependency manager) supportSamuel Marks <samuelmarks@xxxxxxxxx>
Re: [RELEASE] conan (C/C++ dependency manager) supportAndreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [RELEASE] conan (C/C++ dependency manager) supportSamuel Marks <samuelmarks@xxxxxxxxx>