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Re: GPL2 incompatible with Apache 2.0

On Monday, 9 October 2017 14:03:51 CEST Claudius Heine wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Claudius,

> we would like to use cmocka in a GPL2 project and have already written
> the test suite for it using cmocka. Then we found out that according to
> the Apache Foundation and FSF [1] the Apache 2.0 and GPL2 license are
> incompatible. Relicensing our project is not so easy and we might have
> to switch our testing code to a different framework.
> Is it possible to dual-license cmocka as MIT, BSD or GPL2? Or
> explicitly allow usage in GPL2 projects?

I htink that will not be possible. cmocka is a fork of cmockery by Google, 
because cmockery is unmainted. I don't think that Google will agree to a 
license change. Maybe an exception for allowing the GPL2 would be possible but 
really hard to get. I would have to talk to the lawyers of Google for that ...

Is your software really GPLv2 only?


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Re: GPL2 incompatible with Apache 2.0Claudius Heine <ch@xxxxxxx>
GPL2 incompatible with Apache 2.0Claudius Heine <ch@xxxxxxx>