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Re: patch for compiling cmocka with sdcc

On Monday, 26 June 2017 18:31:23 CEST Adrian Friedli wrote:
> Hi

Hi Adrian,

> I wanted to compile cmocka with sdcc, but sdcc does not support
> assignment of values to aggregates, so I patched cmocka to remove the
> three occurrences of it. This is the first attached patch.
> Also I removed a cast from a const variable where it was easy to keep it
> const. This is in the second patch and is completely optional. Sdcc
> warns about one other occurrence of this, but that is not that easy to
> remove.

for cmocka we require a C99 compiler. I think in 2017 it is fair to require 
that feature set.



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patch for compiling cmocka with sdccAdrian Friedli <adrian.friedli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>