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TAP output with tabs


First of all, thank you for the great project cmocka.

I am trying to configure its TAP output with automake but tap-driver.sh
from autotools does not recognize TAP output because there are tabs ('\t')
characters in the beginning of each output line.
I am using version 1.1.0

For example in cmocka.c, function cmprintf_group_start_tap :

print_message("\t1..%u\n", (unsigned)num_tests);

I did not find in specs of TAP that there should be tab in the beginning of
output. Also perl implementation does not seems to have it.

Are you planning to remove tabs in the output or there is a way to use it
with autotools ?

Thank you,


Stas Kobzar

Developeur VoIP / VoIP Developer

Modulis­.ca Inc.

# Bureau / Office: 514-284-2020 x 246

Email: s <http://firstname.lastname>tas.kobzar@xxxxxxxxxx