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Win10, MinGW and cmocka

Hey Mailingliste,

i'm having some problems with using cmocka on win10 (64bit) with mingw (gcc 5.3.0).

I have tried the lib/libcmocka.dll.a from the download page[0]. And also compiled the master on my own from git.cryptomilk.org/projects/cmocka.git. In both cases the .a lib does not contain _cmocka_run_group_tests(...) but __cmocka_run_group_tests(...). (With two underscores). I checked this with

objdump -t libcmocka.a | findstr group_test

which gives me:

[138](sec 1)(fl 0x00)(ty 20)(scl 2) (nx 0) 0x00004309 __cmocka_run_group_tests
[141](sec  1)(fl 0x00)(ty  20)(scl   2) (nx 0) 0x00004dd2 __run_group_tests

I have the same results for libcmocka.dll.a and libcmocka.dll. This results in the following error in the linking step:

undefined reference to `_cmocka_run_group_tests(char const*, CMUnitTest const*, unsigned int, int (*)(void**), int (*)(void**))'

My linker call is:

gcc -v -Wl,--start-group testObject/TestRunner.o testObject/OUTPUTTABLE_Test.o -L./cmocka/build/src -lcmocka -lgcc -Wl,--end-group -o testObject/test

Do you have and idea what that may be? I also wrote you yesterday on IRC but got no reply.

Thanks and best regards,


fingerprint: DD94 3459 76C0 77D8 412E  D6FC 3A67 589C 3404 C1F9