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RE: Segfault from call through a function pointer in assert_int_equal()

Hi Lukas,
I'm 5 minutes away from heading out for a week of vacation (and trying to get somethings worked out before I leave.)

I can take a look at that when I return. It should be pretty easy.


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Subject: Re: Segfault from call through a function pointer in assert_int_equal()

On (14/10/16 15:56), Barta, Hank wrote:
>Hi all,
>I find I get a segfault in the following code:
>    assert_int_equal(0, run_fft(dbl_data, cplx_result, sample_count));
Does it help if you call it with explicit dereferencing?
"(*run_fft)(dbl_data, cplx_result, sample_count)"

Did you try write a minimal reproducer with ANSI C?

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