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Segfault from call through a function pointer in assert_int_equal()

Hi all,
I find I get a segfault in the following code:
    assert_int_equal(0, run_fft(dbl_data, cplx_result, sample_count));

Separating the function call from the macro resolves this. The following code works OK.
    int i=run_fft(dbl_data, cplx_result, sample_count);
    assert_int_equal(0, i);

run_fft is a function pointer and is defined as
int (*run_fft)(double* in, fftw_complex* out, int count) = production_run_fft;
in a C file so it has C linkage. The macro is in a C++ file but the declaration for run_fft is in an 'Extern "C"' block. I have also been careful to define the two functions assigned to run_fft with C linkage.

Also, before I made run_fft a function pointer it was a normal function with C linkage and the original code listed above (function in the macro) ran w/out problems. I'm using a mock for run_fft to support unit testing of run_fft.

It seems to me that changing from a function to calling through a pointer has caused the problem. C makes these appear the same but I suppose they are enough different to cause a problem. Is this something I should reasonable expect to work?

I can see two work arounds:

1)      Move the call thorough function pointer outside the macro as above (tested and seems to work.)

2)      Provide a local function that would then call through the function pointer. (Expected to work.)

Suggestions for a better strategy?

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Re: Segfault from call through a function pointer in assert_int_equal()Lukas Slebodnik <lslebodn@xxxxxxxxxx>