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Re: chef_wrap run issue, VS2010

On Tuesday 23 February 2016 13:40:48 Daniel Miller wrote:
> I'm new to cmocka, and am trying to run the chef_wrap example.
> We use Visual Studio 2010 here.
> I used CMake to prepare the project, then (after several difficulties) got
> it to build, however I cannot get it to run successfully.

Hi Daniel,

the chef_wrap example requires wrap support of the linker. This is only 
available with GNU ld afaik.

Read "Using CMocka with ld wrapper support" at 

I don't know if Visual Studio provides something like that ...

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Re: chef_wrap run issue, VS2010Daniel Miller <dmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
chef_wrap run issue, VS2010Daniel Miller <dmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>