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Re: [PATCH] added will_return_maybe for ignoring mock returns

On Sunday 20 December 2015 16:02:01 Joseph Ates wrote:
> As both parameter and function call order checking allow for ignoring
> cases where they are never invoked, the mock return values are at
> somewhat of a mismatch in that they must always be returned at least
> once (even in the case of will_return_always()). Therefore, the ability
> to set the count to -2 on will_return_count was added with a new
> macro (will_return_maybe) that indicates that that the value field may
> never be returned and still allow a successful test.

Hi Joseph,

thanks for your patch and sorry for the long delay. I've pushed it with a 
slight modification.

Could you use defines for -1 and -2


for example. It should make the code more readable ...

	-- andreas

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