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Re: Calling an identical setup/teardown for each test in group ?

Hi Lukas,

On 6 January 2016 at 18:38, Lukas Slebodnik <lslebodn@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On (06/01/16 18:07), Emil Velikov wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Is there a way to have an identical setup/teardown which gets executed
>>for each test in the group? That is without wrapping a macro around
> From API point of view current state is the clearest.
> even thought you need to explicitelly write the same setup and teardown
> function for each test in group.
> As you mentioned you can use macro e.g.
> #define new_test(test) \
>     cmocka_unit_test_setup_teardown(nested_groups_test_ ## test, \
>                                     nested_groups_test_setup, \
>                                     nested_groups_test_teardown)
> but I do not like such way.
That's precisely what I'm currently using and indeed, it doesn't look
too nice. Esp since I've wrapped that into yet another macro :-)

>>Afaict the current cmocka_run_group_tests allows you to do a once-off
>>setup/teardown for the whole group, which is great but sadly doesn't
>>fit my requirements :-( The recent prestate feature on the other hand
>>seems like it does the opposite (identical test body, different
>>setup/teardown) yet reading the actual implementation brings be to
>>believe that's not exactly the case. Can anyone shed some light on the
>>topic ?
>>If there isn't a way to handle the above, what would be the better way
>>to implement this ? A 'quick and dirty' way is to add an extra
>>argument to cmocka_run_group_tests(..., bool reinit_on_each_test), but
>>there should be a cleaner way.
> cmocka_run_group_tests should not be misuused for such use case.
> group_setup and group_teardown are for group and not for tests.

> But there could be anouther function
> cmocka_run_group_tests_with_test_setup_and_teardonwn(
>     group_tests,
>     group_setup, group_teardown,
>     test_setup, test_teardown
> )
> I know the name of macro is terrible :-)
Minus the small typo the name looks ok imho. I'll give it a day or two
for others to chip-in before cracking on. Itching to do things
properly as opposed to the macro 'hack' above. Feel free to shout your
preference, if any ;-)


Calling an identical setup/teardown for each test in group ?Emil Velikov <emil.l.velikov@xxxxxxxxx>
Re: Calling an identical setup/teardown for each test in group ?Lukas Slebodnik <lslebodn@xxxxxxxxxx>