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Re: [PATCH] call ordering

On Thursday 12 November 2015 13:13:40 Joseph Ates wrote:
> Hello Andreas,

Hey Joey,

> Attached are the files "call_ordering.patch" with the feature code and
> "call_ordering_tests.patch" with the associated tests.

sorry, that it took so long again but I'm busy with other projects at the 

I've applied your patches. Then read the code and cleaned it up. Then I run 
valgrind and fixed the memory leaks. I'm sorry but your patches need more 
work. First please review my changes here:


Then the test should be split up. One test binary whih only has the successful 
test and the failing tests should be moved to a different binary:


This way we can be sure that what should succeed will succeed and what fails 
will fail and we will not run into false positives or something like that.

Best regards,

 -- andreas

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