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Using asserts from other threads

I'm working on writing unit tests for Unicorn

One peculiarity about the software is that, because QEMU runs each
virtual CPU in its own thread, all Unicorn callbacks actually come in
on a different thread than the one making calls to the library.

This poses a problem for writing unit tests with cmocka. If I have a
test assertion in a callback function, and it fails, cmocka will
simply exit with a status of 255. No output, no test continuation,
nothing.  This happens because _fail() calls exit_test(1), and
global_running_test is a thread-local variable, and the tests are
running on a different thread.  (It's a good thing it is thread-local;
otherwise cmocka would try to longjmp back to the wrong thread stack!)

/* Exit the currently executing test. */
static void exit_test(const int quit_application)
    const char *abort_test = getenv("CMOCKA_TEST_ABORT");

    if (abort_test != NULL && abort_test[0] == '1') {
        print_error("%s", cm_error_message);
    } else if (global_running_test) {
        cm_longjmp(global_run_test_env, 1);
    } else if (quit_application) {

I understand why the library has no choice here but to exit. I don't
however, understand why I'm not seeing a failure message either.

Is there any straightforward way I can make cmocka act as one would
expect, despite the unfortunate cross-thread situation?

Best regards,
Jonathon Reinhart