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Re: [PATCH] call ordering

On Wednesday 07 October 2015 14:48:18 Joseph Ates wrote:
> I often want to check the order in which different mocks are called from a
> particular piece of code under test, so I added this into cmocka. Not sure
> if there was a cleaner way to accomplish this, but I ended up adding a new
> list for tracking calls and some macros which are documented under cmocka.h.

Hi Joseph,

thank you very much for your contribution, I don't have time for a review this 
week but after quick look I think you should rename some functions:

called() -> function_called()
expect_calls() -> expect_function_calls()
ignore_calls() -> ignore_function_calls()

Else I have the feeling I'm writing telephone tests :)

Other name suggestions are welcome.

Also the test_ordering.c seems to be missing. Please put tests into a separate 
patch. :)


	-- andreas

Re: [PATCH] call orderingJoseph Ates <joey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
[PATCH] call orderingJoseph Ates <joey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>