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Re: cmocka mocking capability in windows is missing

Can you provide a little more information about what you are trying to mock (example functions and the files)?

There are several choices for substituting a test-double for your production code, there are also limitations because of C and linker capabilities. Linker wrapping has its limitations as well (like not available except in gcc AFIK).

I recommend against giving your production code knowing that it is being tested, unless there is no other way. You could accomplish > #ifdef UNIT_TESTING
#define strdup test_strdup

with a command line definition in your test build.


On 28 Jul 2015, at 9:56, Andreas Schneider wrote:

On Tuesday 28 July 2015 14:44:45 Shai Peretz wrote:
I notice that on windows I can't use the __wrap_ functionality which is
important feature for the mocking capability,
What do I do in Windows?
the '-Wl,--wrap=...' linker options exists only in GNU Linker.
Is this true?
If it is then this means that i can't really use cmocka mocking
capabilities in windows, is that correct? i can't mock some function being
called by another module which I interact with.

If you want to mock strdup e.g you need to use:

#define strdup test_strdup

In your code ...

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