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Re: Test results as XML files

On Monday 09 February 2015 14:30:03 James.Munns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Actually on item #2, it looks like we are duplicating a functionality in 
> some compilers including GCC and the embedded compiler I use, with regards 
> to "pre-includes" or "forced includes". This would allow me to basically
> get the same functionality in practice. I was not aware of this before. 
> Our fix may still be worth including for compilers that do not have this 
> ability, but I am not immediately aware of any that don't. 


I've fixed the issues you reported. They are available here:


I would like to get rid of LargestIntegralType and use uintmax_t for this. It 
should be defined by stdint.h on each platform. It would fix several issues 
for us and for embedded platforms could be defined in cmocka_platform.h.

	-- andreas

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