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Re: Test results as XML files

On 09.02.2015 10:54, James.Munns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hey Andreas,

Hi James,

a couple of comments. The background for this is that I
am running tests using both GCC (for CI) as well as using an embedded
compiler compiling to a simulator target (for the sake of developers
using the same IDE as primary development). This may not be within the
scope of your development, but may be useful to other users,
portability wise.

CMocka seems to make some assumptions at compile time, more or less
that the target environment is Unix-like/GCC compiled or
Windows-like/VS compiled. This breaks compilation for me in a couple

these are the targets which are in our dashboard at https://mock.cryptomilk.org/ What breaks there will be fixed. Feel free to setup a nightly build which submits
result to our dashboard :)


I the file to copy and modify. Then you simply run:

  ctest -S ctest-default.cmake

1: My embedded compiler defines some, but not all of the exception
signals in the array in cmocka.c:281. This is not new to cMocka 1.0,
for now I have added in a compiler flag to change the definition of
this array. It would be nice to have an option to be blind of
exceptions at compile time (sort of like 'handle_exceptions', but at
compile time rather than runtime).

Which ones are defined? I guess they are preprocessor defines, right?

#define SIGSEGV 11

If yes, we can simply add guards.

static const int exception_signals[] = {
#ifdef SIGBUS
#ifdef SIGSYS

Please let me know which ones are defined in your environment.

2: I had some problems with the 'uintptr_t' logic in cmocka.h:101.
Probably nothing unique about that type, except that it was defined in
another header file. Unfortunately I have no way of "informing"
cmocka.h about my other 'stdint.h' file, and a re-def of uintptr_t
makes the compiler sad. Again, this is not new to cMocka 1.0. It might
be nice to have some sort of user defined includes? Something like the
following at the top of the headers?:

 #include "cmocka_user_includes.h"

We could add something like that.

3. This one actually is new to cMocka 1.0. My compiler defines time.h,
but does not define the struct 'timespec'. Similar to my exceptions
comment, there is some handling for targets not supporting test
timing, however this is not completely transparent at compile time. I
could fill in the definition of timespec, however I dont really have
any way of letting cmocka.c know where to find it (modifying my
compiler's time.h is not an option). It would be nice to have a
compiler flag to completely exclude the timing component.

I will add a configure check for the struct and guard it.


 -- andreas

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