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Re: Test results as XML files

Hey Andreas, a couple of comments. The background for this is that I am 
running tests using both GCC (for CI) as well as using an embedded 
compiler compiling to a simulator target (for the sake of developers using 
the same IDE as primary development). This may not be within the scope of 
your development, but may be useful to other users, portability wise.

CMocka seems to make some assumptions at compile time, more or less that 
the target environment is Unix-like/GCC compiled or Windows-like/VS 
compiled. This breaks compilation for me in a couple ways.

1: My embedded compiler defines some, but not all of the exception signals 
in the array in cmocka.c:281. This is not new to cMocka 1.0, for now I 
have added in a compiler flag to change the definition of this array. It 
would be nice to have an option to be blind of exceptions at compile time 
(sort of like 'handle_exceptions', but at compile time rather than 

2: I had some problems with the 'uintptr_t' logic in cmocka.h:101. 
Probably nothing unique about that type, except that it was defined in 
another header file. Unfortunately I have no way of "informing" cmocka.h 
about my other 'stdint.h' file, and a re-def of uintptr_t makes the 
compiler sad. Again, this is not new to cMocka 1.0. It might be nice to 
have some sort of user defined includes? Something like the following at 
the top of the headers?:

    #include "cmocka_user_includes.h"

3. This one actually is new to cMocka 1.0. My compiler defines time.h, but 
does not define the struct 'timespec'. Similar to my exceptions comment, 
there is some handling for targets not supporting test timing, however 
this is not completely transparent at compile time. I could fill in the 
definition of timespec, however I dont really have any way of letting 
cmocka.c know where to find it (modifying my compiler's time.h is not an 
option). It would be nice to have a compiler flag to completely exclude 
the timing component.

Up to now I've just fixed items 1 and 2 in little hacks of the file that 
are "good enough" for my compiler, though likely not very useful or 
portable. It would be nice to see these supported in mainline development, 
if you have any ideas.

Please let me know if you have any questions, would like these filed as 
tickets for addressing later, or have any changes you would like me to try 


From:   Andreas Schneider <asn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:     cmocka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, 
Cc:     James.Munns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date:   06.02.2015 13:04
Subject:        Re: Test results as XML files

On Friday 06 February 2015 12:58:07 Andreas Schneider wrote:
> On Friday 06 February 2015 11:39:59 James.Munns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Hey,
> Hi,
> > Will the source be pushed anywhere before the 1.0 release? I'd love to
> > test it out on my environment.
> the source code is available here:
> http://git.cryptomilk.org/users/asn/cmocka.git/log/?h=rewrite

Please let us know if it works for you. Suggestions and patches are 
welcome ;)

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