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Fix for output format nonconformance to GTest and GCC messages style

Hello all,

I'm new to cmocka and tried it just recently on my project. I work in Emacs
and found this nonconformance to GCC messages style and GTest (as Andreas
said here http://cmocka.org/archive/cmocka/2013-03/0000005.html)

The problem is that error messages does not start with the file:line
information but with "ERROR: " level. That does not allow Emacs to form a
link from the error message to the source line of the point. GCC always
start its messages with file:line if it knows it (not only error messages
but notes and warnings too) and Emacs parses them well to allow
point-n-click and next-previous-errors workflow.

So I've cloned your repo and proposed a fix of all error messages where the
file:line information is known. You can pull it into yours if you wish.

Here is the fix:

Aleksandr Vinokurov
+7 (921) 982-21-43